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Pharma industry

More than fifty installed MARK ECO Systems in the pharma industry makes us proud on the efficiency and know-how. 

First limescale that the MARK ECO systems cleared was in the special showers the workers are using in the production. The costs with permanently changing the shower heads because of the clogging was high and the problems depending on it even much higher, so the installation of the MARK ECO System showed to be beneficial and has had a return on invest in a shortest period.

Later, MARK ECO systems were installed in cooling systems and heat exchanger units, where again it removed the limescale completely and reduced the costs of maintenance and the costs of energy losses.

We use customized MARK ECO Systems for a specific water flow and special requirements of the Pharma industry.

On the cooling systems and the heat exchange units, the MARK ECO systems were adapted to each unit separately.

The return on invest of a MARK ECO system in the pharma industry is the shortest due to high standards and controllable as well as predictable water flows.