Paper industry

A project in a paper mill is a perfect example of the power of MARK ECO Systems. The heat exchanger was permanently getting clogged with limescale deposits. After installing the MARK ECO System, the deposits immediately started to disappear. The customer even tried to drill through the holes and parts of drills broke off and stayed in some holes as seen in the right picture above. Three months after installation of the MARK ECO System  the heat exchanger got completely cleaned of the deposits and remained clean ever since.

The Project Data is very important so that we can customize the system to its best ability.

We used a customized MARK ECO System because of the higher water flow – 2000 l /h and a system temperature difference between 15°C and 70°C.

There were also moisturizers to achieve a stable moisture of 60 %. We managed to completely remove the limescale deposits from the moisturizers in just three weeks.