MARK ECO Equipment

Carbonate scale removing and prevention for industrial use. Sustainable & environmentally friendly.

What makes MARK ECO equipment valuable and differentiates it from other products

Our innovative solution offers fast removal of existing limescale and effectively prevents limescale deposits. This ensures protection for water pipelines, pumps, heat exchangers, heaters, washing machines, and other equipment, as well as guarding against limescale-induced oxidation. Remarkably, no electricity, salts, or other chemicals are needed for this process. Additionally, our system does not contaminate water with zinc or other metal ions, as some competing products might.

Easy to install and requiring no future maintenance, our product offers a hassle-free solution. Unlike other products that need replacement after 4 to 8 years, our product boasts a lifetime of at least 30 years, ensuring the best cost efficiency in the long run.