Applications and Test Studies

Industrial laundry machines - water heaters

Test period: 18.11.2022 - 25.11.2022


Water hardness 16-18 dH, Volume flow 0,55 m3/h

Functional description:

The ME has been installed on an industrial washing machine. The washing machine tested was a brand new 50 kg machine with a volume of 180 l of water.

The power of the heaters installed is 5 kW per heater and a contact temperature of 270°C. There are 9 heaters installed in the machine, achieving the power of 45 kW.


For each ton of washed laundry, there is up to 50 min time heating time savings and up to 34 kWh energy savings.

Each heater after 110 min, left without and right with the ME equipment.