Applications and Test Studies

Water cooling

Evaluation period: 1.9.2022 - 7.12.2022


Water hardness 16 - 18 dH, Volume flow 33,6 m3/h

Functional description:

The ME was installed in the cooling system container, on a pumping station, where the cooling water was continuously circulated in the cooling system. The system size is 600 m3, the volumetric flow is 300 m3/h. The water addition varies with time and is depending on the evaporation.

ROI was 6 to 8 months


Before installation of the ME equipment in the tested area, the customer had to constantly maintain, clean and repair the components of the cooling system and replace them annually. Therefore, the yearly costs were high. After the positive test results, the decision was made for the purchase and installation of the ME equipment to ensure maximum efficiency of the cooling system and reduce overall costs.

Cooling mesh without and with the use of MARK ECO Equipment

Piping before & after