World's N°1 in limescale removal and prevention

The only scientifically proven sustainable ecological limescale remover in the world

World's best limescale removing system based on decades of scientific studies and tests. MARK ECO SYSTEM removes deposits of limescale within weeks. 

  • 2022 Certificate of efficiency in active limescale removal from University of Maribor
  • 2021 Gold and silver innovation award from Slovenian chamber of commerce 
  • Highest EU quality standards
  • Any pipe material & Customized solutions
  • Adjusted also for complex systems
  • Life time of at least 30 years. 
  • Best overall cost reduction

Proof of efficiency

Only after a few days the first results are seen. MARK ECO SYSTEMS remove existing limescale deposits and prevent new deposition.

The cost benefit is through zero maintenance of your pipeline and all appliances on it, as well as on lower energy consumption of the heaters or heat exchangers.

The surfaces where water comes in contact with, are easier to clean and therefore more hygienic.

Quick comparison of limescale prevention systems with MARK ECO SYSTEMS

Our value

Prizes and Certificates

MARK ECO SYSTEMS have won regional and national innovation prizes. There are many certificates proving the quality and functionality of MARK ECO SYSTEMS