Technology of MARK ECO SYSTEMS

The basics

MARK ECO SYSTEMS remove limescale deposits from existing plumbing systems and devices while preventing new ones from being deposited. The method of operation has been confirmed by several scientific researches of the University of Maribor, Slovenia and other scientific institutions. The key element of MARK ECO SYSTEM is unique in the world in this form, as we have found through decades of research that it is the only efficient, sustainable and energy-efficient way to remove and prevent limescale build-up. MARK ECO SYSTEMS remove limescale deposits in both calcite and aragonite form, which again marks MARK ECO SYSTEMS as unique.

Technical characteristics

All construction parts of MARK ECO SYSTEMS are made of the highest quality stainless steel. Inside, there is a special system that directs polar ions. The result is that calcium carbonate ions adhere as a needle structure of vaterite and aragonite crystals, which in affect cannot cling to surfaces. At the same time, MARK ECO SYSTEMS directly affect the localization of slightly acidic ions that are already present in the water, so that they dissolve the previously formed limescale.
MARK ECO SYSTEMS are adapted and dimensioned for installation on any supply pipe in households, industry, or other areas, different flow, temperature, and pressure conditions.
Once installed, the MARK ECO SYSTEM requires no maintenance, no energy consumption and no replacement, which means it is a one-time cost.

The advantages

With its operation, the MARK ECO SYSTEM prevents the formation of deposits in the water supply system and consequently on connected devices, and also cleans and removes already formed calcite deposits on the previously mentioned devices. This extends the life of the connected appliances and at the same time reduces the energy consumption of the appliances for their operation, such as heaters, boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, and many others. As an interesting fact, one millimeter of limescale coating increases the energy consumption of a heater by 9%.
MARK ECO SYSTEMS operate without the addition of salt, chemicals, zinc or other hazardous ions, without electricity, and at no additional cost. On average, it only takes a few weeks to remove the limescale that has already formed.