MARK ECO TRADE GmbH is the worldwide sales organization for the complete product range of the MARK ECO Systems. It holds all technical and commercial certificates supporting the business. Our offer are standard household products as well as customized project-based applications for limescale removal and prevention. Our know-how and experience allows us to design and optimize the best personal configuration for your needs.

First discoveries and development

In the late 90’s, Mark Eco System was developed together with the University of Maribor and was later on built and patented. Mark Eco Systems showed significant success of lime stone removal and prevention and were incomparable to all other existing products on the market. Several performance and functionality tests achieved very positive results and the system was presented at the international conference WSEAS, The World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society. Mark Eco System was a part of the international scientific research program EUREKA and has been a base for several thesis and doctoral dissertations.

MARK ECO SYSTEMS in the market

After the theoretical and pilot success, Marc Eco System started its commercial journey in the Slovene market where it accomplished remarkable results in the paper industry, pharma industry, in both Slovene University Medical Centers, hospitals, nursing homes, laundry washing facilities, schools, and many other industrial companies. Stunning results have been accomplished at many outdoor fountains where the limescale removal is the most visible. The cost reduction on baking oven maintenance in grocery stores lead to international importance. You can find out more on our References page.

What makes MARK ECO SYSTEMS valuable and differentiates it from other products

  • Fast removal of existing limescale
  • Limescale deposit prevention
  • Protection of water pipelines, pumps, heat exchangers, heaters, washing machines, and other equipment
  • Protection from limescale induced oxidation
  • No electricity, salts, or other chemicals needed
  • No water contamination by zinc or other metal ions
  • Easy to install and no future maintenance
  • No replacement necessary (other products need to be replaced after 4 to 8 years)
  • Lifetime at least 30 years
  • Best cost efficiency