About MARK ECO equipment


MARK ECO TRADE GmbH is a comprehensive solution provider for the entire product range of the limescale removal and prevention applications, handling both manufacturing and sales. We possess all the necessary technical and commercial certifications to support our business. Our offerings include customized industrial project-based applications as well as standard household products for limescale removal and prevention. Our expertise and experience enable us to design and optimize the ideal personalized configuration to meet your needs.

First discoveries and development

In the late 90s, the technology was developed in collaboration with the University of Maribor and was later built and patented. MARK ECO equipment demonstrated significant success in limestone removal and prevention and was incomparable to all other existing products on the market. Numerous performance and functionality tests yielded very positive results, and the technology was presented at the international conference WSEAS, The World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society. The technology was part of the international scientific research program EUREKA and has served as the basis for several theses and doctoral dissertations.

MARK ECO equipment in the market

After achieving theoretical and pilot success, MARK ECO Trade began its commercial journey in the European market, where it accomplished remarkable results across various sectors. These include water and air cooling devices in numerous industries, waterworks, professional laundry washing facilities, chemical industry, paper industry, pharma industry, and several other industrial companies. Impressive outcomes were observed in heat exchangers and cooling towers, where the differences were immediately noticeable. The cost reduction in all industrial applications was substantial. For more information, please visit our References page.