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Joze Kajzer - head of maintenanceSanitary industry
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“Within two weeks, very good results were shown. The filters are no longer clogged, thus reducing system interventions, and no further cleaning of the filters on the cooling system is required. This has reduced the cost of maintenance on the refrigeration system."
Janez Gale - technical manager
Janez Gale - technical managerPaper industry
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After installing the Mark Eco System, we were able to abandon the periodic opening and mechanical and chemical cleaning of limescale, for which we had to devote a certain number of hours each time and buy chemicals. After one year of using the system, the heat exchanger is completely clean - without any limescale deposits.
ing. Niko Vukša
ing. Niko VukšaHigh pressure industry
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"Mark Eco System is used in our steam cleaning technology for exteriors surfaces, is easy to use and connected to a steam cleaner. The machine operates at pressures up to 270 bar and 120°C. Mark Eco System ensured us smooth operation without additional waste of time in the cleaning of limescale, which has always accumulated in the spiral heating system coils. Before that, we cleaned every few days limescale using technical acid. We thank Mr. Sprah and his team for their careful, professional work and successful work in finding a solution to our limescale problem."